Stories and Books

These are all my stories published so far in various venues, both online and in print.

I will be releasing a novel soon, so stay tuned!


A series of short stories (fantasy/mystery) featuring Maria Sinukuan, the guardian deity of Mount Arayat, and her suitor, Juan, as they solve crimes, mostly of the supernatural kind.

  1. “Beneath the Acacia” – included in the anthology “Alternative Alamat”, edited by Paolo Chikiamco. The e-book version is currently not available, but the print edition is available in the Philippines in bookstores (National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Powerbooks).
  2. “The Murder of Halimumog” – the story was a finalist in the second Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards, and included in “The Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards: Prose Anthology”. Print edition available in the Philippines in Fully Booked branches.
  3. “Under a Mound of Earth” – published in the online ezine “Philippine Genre Stories”, edited by Kenneth Yu. Read online for free here: Philippine Genre Stories Online Part 1, Part 2
  4. “Finding Those Who Are Lost” – included in “Outpouring: The Typhoon Yolanda Relief Anthology”, edited by Dean Francis Alfar. “Outpouring” is a charity anthology, proceeds of which will go to the Philippine Red Cross, for victims of Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan and other calamities. Currently the e-book is not available online, but stay tuned for updates.
  5. “Horse Feet” – included in the third volume (Southeast Asian Fantasy Stories) of the “Insignia” series, edited by Kelly Matsuura. Buy a copy of “Insignia” here: SmashwordsAmazon USAmazon UKAmazon AUAmazon CA.
  6. The Proper Attire” – short drabble written for the #KwentoRP612 community, to celebrate the Philippines Independence Day, 2017.
  7. “Sole Witness” – included in the second volume (Southeast Asian Fantasy Drabbles) of the “Insignia Drabbles” series, edited by Kelly Matsuura, 2020. Buy a copy here: Books2Read


A series of romance stories revolving around a group of people in the medical field, dealing with problems that come not just from the nature of their profession, but their own personal lives.

  1. “Monito, Monita” – short story included in Make My Wish Come True, an anthology of Christmas-themed romance stories, edited by Ana Tejano, 2016. Buy a copy of the anthology here: Gumroad (Ebook). Amazon (Ebook)
  2. “Ghost of a Feeling” – my first #romanceclass novella! Published in 2017. Buy the Kindle edition here: Amazon (Ebook)
  3. “Endings and Beginnings” – short story included in 12 Months of Romance 24 Reasons to Love, an anthology of holiday-themed romance stories, compiled by Ysa Arcangel, 2017. Buy a copy of the anthology here: Amazon (Ebook)
  4. “We Will Be Okay” – an episode written for the #romanceclass web series, Hello Ever After, released in 2020. These are short epilogues of our stories, set during this pandemic. (COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, which happened in 2020). You can watch the episode on Youtube, and the script is available on Mina V. Esguerra’s Ko-fi, for a donation to keep the series going:  Script , Episode
  5. Safe, For Now” – a prequel story for Ghost of a Feeling, written for the #RCReadathon2020 Prompt and Pairings, Please! Challenge in 2020.


A series of romance stories revolving around the Angeles siblings, who are graduates (or current students) of the fictional National Science High School of the Philippines. Characters also work in different STEM and related fields.

  1. Debate” – a drabble featuring the Angeles siblings, set during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Written in a fit of inspiration (or frustration, maybe).
  2. Then, Now, and Ever After” – short story included in the 2020 Romance Class charity anthology, The Tropetastic Kindness Bundle, now posted on my Wattpad page.
  3. Finally Home” – novelette included in The Doctor Is In Love, an anthology of medical romance stories, written by doctors. Buy a copy of the anthology here: Romance Class Books (local print edition), Amazon (international ebook and print edition) Books 2 Read (ebook editions from other sites).


  1. “Alternate Futures” – fantasy, published in India and the Conundrum, 2007. To be released here soon, stay tuned!
  2. MV Redemption” –  a serial “dugtungan” (collaborative story) written by 6 authors (Lucille de Mesa, Ivy Riototar, Sarah Bulalacao, Mikki Shiu, BJ Medina, and me) about old friends on their first trip together in years. All episodes are available to read for free on the Bookbed site.


Stories that aren’t part of any ongoing series, published online and in print.


1. “Til Death Do Us Part” – published in With Painted Words, 2007.
2. “The Storyteller and the Giant” – winner of the Carlos Palanca Memorial Award, Short Story for Children, English Division, 2008.
3. “Sky Blue” – published in the Philippines Free Press (November 2008). Reprinted in Philippine Speculative Fiction Vol. 4 edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Nikki Alfar in 2009. Buy the book here: Amazon (E-book).
4. “Creature of the Night” – published in The Genre Challenge Anthology: Volume One edited by Bart R. Leib.
5. The Coming of the Anak-Araw” – published in Usok, 2009.
6. “Cutis Marmorata” – published in Ruin and Resolve, a pinoy SF anthology for charity, edited by Paolo Chikiamco.
7. “Strange Salvation,” published in Ruin and Resolve, a pinoy SF anthology for charity, edited by Paolo Chikiamco.
8. “Where Heaven Is – published in The Book of Imaginary Beasts, 2015.
9. Giving Lives” – published in Philippines Graphic and Business Mirror (Tony&Nick), 2016. 3rd Prize Winner, 2016 Nick Joaquin Literary Awards.
10. “The Adarna’s Feather” – published in Fantasy: Filipino Fiction for Young Adults, edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Kenneth G. Yu, 2018.
11. “A Second Chance” – published in Fictory: A Bookbed Fic Fest, 2020.


1. “The Cutest Thing”– published in Microhorror, 2008.
2. “Worm on the Wall” – published in Microhorror, 2008.
3.  “Shadows” – published in The Book of Imaginary Beasts, 2014; reprinted in Insignia 2020: Best Asian Speculative Fiction (Available on Amazon)
4. The House Special” – published in The Book of Imaginary Beasts, 2016.
5. “A Successful Exorcism” – published in Dark Moments, 2020.

Science Fiction

1. Fifty-Five Percent” – published in Every Day Fiction, 2009.
2. “Isaac” – published in The Book of Imaginary Beasts, 2011.
3. “Taking Gaia” – published in Diaspora Ad Astra, edited by Joseph Nacino, 2014.
4. See Your Face Again – published in Fictory: A Bookbed Fic Fest, 2020.


1. Flowers” – published in The Book of Imaginary Beasts, 2007.
2. “That Familiar Hand” – published in First Love, edited by Faye Ilogon, 2008.
2. A Message for Another” – published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Super! Fiction section), 2017.


1. Takotsubo – Performed at the open mic of Single Bells (Ampalaya Monologues spoken word poetry night), 2015. (Poem in Filipino)
2. Tala – published in Utot Catalog, 2016. (Poem in Filipino)
3.Bukas Ulit” – posted on this website and my Tumblr page. (Poem in Filipino)
4. “Things I Could Never Say To You” – poetry collection on Wattpad, last updated in 2019.
5. The Manananggal, On A First Date – published in Insignia: Instincts, 2020.